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tv   DW News  LINKTV  January 14, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is dw news live from berlin. ebola free. the epidemic is declared over. after two years and 11,000 deaths, the world health organization gives the region the all clear. we ask what are the chances of the virus flaring up again? also coming up on the show, islamic state claims responsibility for a strinof bomb attacks in the indonesian
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capital jakarta. seven people died in the blast. will this be the winning role for leonardo dicaprio? the oscar nominations are announced. we will tell you our picks for the most coveted awards in the film world. i'm brent goff. it's good to have you with us. a declaration thousands of africans did not live to hear. the world health organization says the ebola outbreak is over. ebola free after two years and 11,000 deaths. they declared liberia clear. the world's worst known outbreak of the virus. the vast majority were in liberia, guinea, and sierra leone.
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>> the world holding its breath for months. the ebola outbreak began with an 18 month old boy in southern guinea in december of 2013. little attention was paid at the time but it became clear the ebola virus was spreading. in the months that followed, the epidemic moved with terrifying speed. more than 11,000 people died over two years. 29,000 were affected in west africa. sierra leone was hit especially hard. food was scarce and entire swaths of land is evacuated. quarantine zones had to be set up. meanwhile, the economy was collapsing. companies stopped working in schools were closed. >> these places have been
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abandoned and have been some restrictions in terms of movement. movement of goods, trade, commercialization that has had an impact on the prices. >> the international community helped. training doctors and educating the population. in july, donors agreed on a 3.1 billion euro aid package. at the end of last year came the news that sierra leone and guinea were ebola free. finally, life seems to be getting back to normal. never has an epidemic disease caused more damage than ebola. if the government and foreign partners succeeded in beating this disease, i can only thank god. it's a very good thing that gives us hope.
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hope that is desperately needed. this epidemic may be over but it will take the people of west africa years to recover from the shock of ebola and its devastating impact. brent: we spoke to the assistant director general of the world health organization and asked if this is the and of the ebola outbreak in these countries or if we could either virus wearing up again in the near future. >> we have seen the end of the transmission that had been ongoing in the country's but there is an ongoing risk of new flareups. we expect that maybe through 2016 as the virus could be introduced again, we are at a very different position and a push right on to make sure we have capacity to find those cases and rapidly respond to stop them. and very different position from last year.
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brent: the militant group islamic state said it was behind the multiple attacks. police say that there were at least six explosions in the heart of the city nearest starbucks cafe and the shopping mall. gunmen also stormed a nearby police office. the current death toll is seven. they are among the dead. >> explosions and gunfire. in the bustling shopping mall. two other attackers reportedly took hostages. the assailants were later dead by anti-terror police. amateur video capture the moment
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another explosive device went off nearby. a man was photographed sporting a handgun at a crowd of people. this police post was blown up. i saw people running away and two people lying on the ground bleeding. they were the ones that threw the bomb. the country's president visited the scene and he said it was a terror attack and condemned the perpetrators. people should not feel afraid or defeated by these terrorist acts. i asked people to remain calm. some of the blasts or suicide bombs.
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others were grenades. indonesia has been on edge over the threat posed by islamist militants. counterterrorism police have been cracking down on people suspected of having links to the so-called islamic state. hundreds are feared to have traveled abroad to join the terrorist group. dozens are thought to have returned raising concerns they could launch attacks on home soil. >> turkey has launched a series of attacks against islamic state targets in retaliation for tuesday's suicide bombing in istanbul. the turkish prime minister sir says 200 militan have be kill in the sault. i. has claedesult -- responsibility. thursday saw another terror attack in turkey. it happened in the kurdish region. a truck bomb ripped through a
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police station killing six people including a baby and two young children. authorities are blaming the attack on the outlawed kurdistan workers party. the pkk. >> it was one of the biggest attacks in the region. the blast from a car bomb almost completely destroyed the police station and surrounding buildings. we were at home when it happened. we saw suddenly there was fire coming out of the police building. all the glass in the window had broken. turkish forces were quick to respond. it is the latest incident in the ongoing conflict between turkish government forces and the kurdistan workers party. numerous attempts of peace had failed. a cease-fire broke down, reviving a conflict that is crippled the region for more than three decades. in december, the turkish army launched a new offensive to root out rebels.
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strengthening security and enforcing regional curfews. the armed struggle is considered by many a civil war. speaking to a passionate crowd of supporters, the turkish president condemned the attacks. in response, the crowd shouted down the pkk. increasingly warlike rhetoric fueling the flames of the decades old conflicts. brent: an update on the huge trove of paintings. art dealer that traded on works seized by the nazis. the commission was tasked with probing the backgrounds. only a handful were looted. >> it's one of five artworks that experts say or definitely
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expropriated from jewish owners. it took a special task force two years together the proof. >> for all of these artworks, we finalize the basic research. that involved comparing 15,000 databases and about 4200 art publications. the final report meticulously lists the researchers founding's and the challenges they place -- they face. they have more than 1000 artworks at his house of unclear origin. the task force was then appointed but not able to answer all open questions. >> we have to work on this possibly never-ending task because we go it to those robbed
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of their property and their rights. persecuted and murdered by the nazis. in the german state is indeed planning to continue that research. brent: it is a damning report into the governing body of world athletics. an independent commission set up by the world anti-doping agency says many of the organization most senior officials must have known about large-scale corruption and doping within the sport. the latest investigations have plunged the organization further in the crisis with the latest report revealing members of staff knew more than they could to admit about russian doping. >> the institutional knowledge of problems is far wider than has been it knowledged.
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>> the report contains revelations on former president the act that is said to be responsible for organizing and enabling the conspiracy that took place. according to commissioner maclaren, they were able to sustain cover by creating a close inner circle that included his sons. >> it was enhanced and enlarged by contractual consultants that were sons of the president. >> he is wanted for corruption and money laundering. the pressure is mounting on new president to clean up athletics.
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>> he is the chairman of that independent commission and asked how they can now move forward. >> that's really for them to determine. that's how -- they have to take on board the fact that things got out of control and at levels you would not have eected. you've got to keep that from ever happening again. how do you do it? do we have codes of ethics. ethics -- ethics officers. we've got to be able to learn about that compound. either in advance or soon enough. you need to figure out what's the best way to do that in your sport and create a positive duty, an obligation that if something is wrong, you must report it.
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>> was there a reason other countries were not picked out? >> the evidence was not mature enough. in the case of the russians, we had a bunch of whistleblower evidence. it was no longer one of these he said, she said situations. there is the evidence. so that did not yet exist. i think theork thedid was very good. he had to deal with the fact that he wasn't going to get any help if he focused on the athletes. he is looking at the supply side to show how easy it is to get some of these drugs. that is a different level. kenya has been slow and reluctant to acknowledge there is a problem. we hope that that will be a genuine investigation.
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if people are not satisfied that it is, they'll be another independent commission. >> they talked about the i-aa f. still to come, will this be the winning role for leonardo dicaprio? denominations are announced and we will tell you our own picks. stick around. we are back in 60 seconds.
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brent: welcome back. the official ebola outbreak is over. the organization gave liberia the all clear today. the final country to be declared ebola three. they claimed 11,000 lives over the last few years. the so-called lamic state has claimed responsibility for a series of blasts.
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they say seven people were killed. it turns out volkswagen is not feel my car company under scrutiny by investigators. >> and by investors. shares were in freefall after reports of factories and offices that have been rated by french police. it was a crash for the history books. the shares were down 20%. they could be about emissions. the scandal engulfed german carmaker volkswagen and could have a french connection. >> did they do it? the suggestion that they also might have manipulated emissions tests was enough to send the share price tumbling. socket just recovered.
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that's when news of the admissions cheating emerged, dragging down the french carmaker shareprice with it. now they are under investigation with shares sliding as much as 20%. 5 billion euros were wiped in just a few hours. the rains were set to of been carried out by the anti-fraud unit. they said they would cooperate fully with authorities. it sparked uncertainty across the entire industry. they shot -- they saw shares dropping 8% even though the carmaker insisted it was not the target of any raids. and in emissions scandal could have grave consequences. the auto industry has been struggling for years. if it emerges of french carmakers are also guilty of admissions cheating, the impact on the country's overall economy could be severe. brent: get your head around
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this. more people around the world have access to a mobile phone then to clean water. that is what the world bank finds in the recent report wednesday. despite a rapid spread of technologies, 4 billion people still have no internet access. the anticipated digital dividend are falling short of expectations. >> the world is just a click away for an estimated 3.5 billion internet users. the world bank warned that large populations are still without access. >> every day, there are 4 billion google searches and people not getting access to the internet and receiving full benefits. we know that while it is spreading quickly, it's not spreading evenly.
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we are making very specific recommendations for what countries can do to help their citizens begin to reap the real benefits and the dividends of the digital revolution. >> it supports new businesses and investment in infrastructure as well as education for children to encounter the danger of a digital divide between rich and poor countries. they lead the list. there are 1.1 billion people that cannot go online. china has 750 million people that can't access the internet. there are 210 million cut off from the digital world. the world bank also highlighted positive developments in the digital revolution. >> we are also seeing leaders
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that were able to send cash to their parents. >> the access of better jobs and public services have yet to reach many people in developing regions. brent: stop thinking that kool-aid. the numbers are out. hollywood leaning the pack is a survival thriller. the revenant. a group of for trappers in 19th-century century america nominated in 12 categories including best picture and best actor.
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and steven spielberg's thriller bridge of spies. cate blanchett. i love her. her performance. it's a lot to talk about right there. let's talk about leonardo dicaprio. he's been nominated five times. this is his oscar to lose. >> i think so. he's got to win it. what he's been through. he evidently slept in the carcass of a bison. excuse me if anybody's eating out there. he's eaten things we don't want to know about. this is method acting like you've never known it before. he deserves it.
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>> the bridge of spies. >> it did not get a nomination for best rector. he does not direct very often. tom hanks has enough oscars. a wonderful stage actor, you watch out for him. tom hanks is his biggest fan. he has a nomination for best supporting actor up against sylvester stallone. >> you are saying dicaprio will win. >> said news from the world of showbiz today. alan rickman, one of the most distinctive and best loved british actors of the last 30 years has died. he had been suffering from cancer. >> his powerful presence was unquestionable.
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with his rich and light voice and mired by young and old. his role as professor snape earned him a legion of fans. >> tee shots international stardom and he played a hans gruber, bruce willis's arch nemesis in diehard. many memorable roles followed his on-screen versatility. robin hood, prince of thieves. and the romantic comedy in which she played the husband of fellow english actor and the thompson. his talent was nurtured at the prestigious royal academy and the golden globe also took to directing. most recently "a little chaos."
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>> if it is something you want to act in, the compulsion that comes from saying, i want to say that line. it has a lot to do with the fact that i have an art school background and a design group. and i have directed in the theater a lot. images jump around and you want to be the person that makes as images real. >> stevens fry described him as a man of such charm. >> we were talking about love actually. i was noticing today on twitter and instagram, you have all these kids knowing him from harry potter. >> my kids are grown up but the first thing i heard was that both my kids say that severus snape died.
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catherine: hello. it is 9:00 p.m. in the french capital. you are watching "live from paris" on "france 24." i'm catherine nicholson. the islamic state group leader's claiming responsibility for the attack in jakarta -- the islamic is claiming responsibility for the attack in jakarta. two weeks before the first vote in iowa. and tributes to a star


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